Welcome to the Brain Reverse Engineering and Imaging Laboratory!

With 50 million neurons (processing elements) and several hundred kilometers of axons (wires) terminating in almost on trillion synapses (connections) for every (!) cubic centimeter, and consuming only about 12 watts energy for the entire cortex, the brain is arguably one of the most complex and densely packed, yet highly efficient information processing systems known. It is also the seat of sensory perception, motor coordination, memory, and creativity - in short, what makes us humans to humans.

The Goal of our lab (a group of highly talented students and the PI) is straight forward, yet anything but easy: to understand how our brain works! Not in 100 years; not in 1000 years, but within the next 20 years! How are we going to achieve such an ambitious (yes, outrageously ambitious) goal? We believe that recent advances in brain imaging, hierarchical recurrent temporal memory, complex brain network theory, and neuro-robotics in conjunction with the gargantuous corpus of experimental data lay foundation to a perfect storm towards a first release candidate of a correct theory of brain mechanisms. This future Theory of Natural Automata will have to satisfy von Neumann's observation of the brain as a cognitive engine that combines minimum logical depth with maximum logical breadth.

We believe that time is ripe for communication engineers, circuit designers, and roboticists to join with experimental and theoretical brain scientists to start reverse engineering the whole brain.
So again: welcome to the Brain Reverse Engineering and Imaging Laboratory!


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