2010 Seminar

Dr. Myoung Won Cho (고등과학원, KIAS)
Modeling Large-scale Brain Functions and Connectivity
2010. 3. 10

Prof. Kyoung Hwan Kim (Yonsei Univ.)
Electrophysiological Signal Based Neuroimaging and Its Application to Mind Reading and Modeling
2010. 4. 5

Dr. Myoung Won Cho (고등과학원, KIAS)
Emergent Structures and Functions in a Brain-like Model System
2010. 6. 15

Dr. Jun Tani (RIKEN Brain Science Inst.)
Generation of Cognitive Behavior through Top-Down and Bottom-Up Interaction in Hierarchical Cortical Networks: Neuro-Robotics Experiments
2010. 6. 17

Prof. Seong Phil Kim (Korea Univ.)
Understanding the Brain Code for Neural Control of Prosthetics
2010. 7. 15

2011 Seminar

Prof. Andrew Kiruluta (Harvard Univ.)
Traveling Wave MRI: From Momentum Space to Holography and Beyond
2011. 1. 25

Prof. Ching-Po Lin (National Yang-Ming Univ.)
In-Vivo Mapping of Structural Connectivity in the Human Brain
2011. 4. 26

Dr. Jun Tani (RIKEN Brain Science Inst.)
Neuro-Dynamical Systems Accounts for Learning and Generating Cognitive Behaviors: A Synthetic Robotic Modeling Approach
2011. 6. 27

Dr. Hiroaki Arie (RIKEN Brain Science Inst.)
Creating Novel Goal-Directed Behaviors Using MTRNN Model
2011. 6. 27

2012 Seminar

Prof. Kyomin Jung (KAIST)
Analysis of Information Diffusion in Complex Networks
2012. 2. 8

Prof. Bharat Biswal (New Jersey Medical School, US)
Toward Discovery Science: Insight from Functional Brain Connectivity
2012. 5. 23

Prof. Hae-Jeong Park(Yonsei Univ.)
One Step Further into Functional Connectivity
2012. 5. 23

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